Loosing The Imagination


Setting Loose the Imagination

Kris made a couple of suggestions in the latest seminar* that have been very stimulating for me. One of them was to make a concerted effort to expand my perception of Self and invite, allow and pursue whatever came forward in these moments of inner contemplation.

Walking down the hall yesterday I noticed this picture taken about 30 years ago – a photo I took as a young man of the street where I was brought up. It is wintertime and I noticed last time I was back in my hometown that the big tree on the left is no longer there.

What struck me most though was the lovely house on the corner which I have highlighted in the photo. Suddenly I remembered and became intimately aware of my attraction to this house – especially the round turret part.

I had this lovely vision of living in the house and having a sitting room on the second floor of the turret where I looked out. The feeling tones were very sweet, very warm and peaceful.


I felt the desire to experience this house again and remembered Google maps. In a few moments I located the image above.

I can almost see myself sitting in that little round room looking out… looking out at me looking in!

* The Zen of Channeling II – Serge Grandbois and Kris

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