Poverty Consciousness

Encountering Poverty Consciousness

Not often these days that we get ourselves into a heart-pounding situation but yesterday was the exception.

My landlord wanted to give me some new light bulbs that saved energy and we installed them together. As we were doing this, he suggested that I might want to turn off the lights whenever I wasn’t in the room, something he did as a matter of habit.

This pushed my buttons and I became agitated. It felt like he was trying to push into my life and change my lifestyle. This is when the heart started pounding.

Giving myself credit, we didn’t blow up or freak out or lose the ability to speak coherently, but the heart did pound as I somewhat forcefully explained to my landlord that, for me, this was poverty consciousness.

I was not willing to start going from room to room pinching pennies by turning off lights. As I exclaimed to him, “I’m not poor! I can afford lighting!”

I explained that focusing again and again on cutting back because there was not enough caused… you guessed it!… constantly feeling poor and not having enough!

To his credit, my landlord heard me out and then explained that, from his point of view, this was not about pinching pennies but about conserving energy and he felt it was the right thing to do. Of course, I agreed and we parted amicably.

Later I found myself rehearsing our encounter and here we waxed a bit poetic… “We got this planet for free when we were born, and there has always been enough air, sunshine, time, and circumstances to allow us to live our lives and fulfill our desires. There has never been a shortage of beingness.

Recalling a friend’s frequent reminder that everything we encounter is actually some projection or aspect of our own Source Self, I began to wonder where we were using poverty consciousness in our own focus.

This line of enquiry was immediately confirmed by an acceleration in consciousness that identified several areas where we have been focusing on what we don’t want.

For instance I had been focusing on how to alleviate various physical symptoms instead of focusing on health and vitality. Hmmmmmm….

“We are not poor in consciousness, and we can afford to be enlightened!”

Thank you landlord and thank you Universe!

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