Forgiving Yourself Can Be A Tricky Business


First the obvious. If we are part and parcel of God, how can we ever need forgiveness? Does God need forgiveness for creating us as we are?

Freedom is a powerful thing and it must necessarily include full, sovereign authority to make our own choices, whether they please God or our own selves.

So what, exactly, do we need to forgive ourselves for?

Perhaps for finding ourselves feeling we need forgiveness? For feeling that we are less than adequate to any situation?

More than adequate, we are triumphant in every situation we create for ourselves because that is how we roll.

So we forgive ourselves for getting a bit too involved in things, for allowing our passionate attachments to colour our vision, for allowing such focused trance states than all of this stuff is forgotten and we simply relish experiences in the raw.

All is forgiven. (but don’t stop!)

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