I Can Even Tolerate Myself

I Can Even Tolerate Myself
Wonderful how language and the words we spontaneously speak can sometimes contain transformative truths.
As I was pondering the recent words of the Mystics* describing how we create events and circumstances to bring out personality traits, I asked myself what quality I was drawing out with so many body issues…
“Okay, what about the constant physical issues for the past couple of decades, where it’s never a crisis, but almost always a daily grind of pain and discomfort, and constant and continual issues?”
The answer came back immediately… “Tolerance.”
Suddenly realizing the value of this quality, I complimented mySelf on the choice of events and circumstances, and then jokingly said to the mirror (we were standing in the bathroom)…
“It’s working. We can tolerate almost anything. I can even tolerate myself!”
Of course, I immediately felt the significance of this and understood that this was the issue. Tolerating self was – never mind tolerating – Celebrating Self is the quality we are cultivating here.
– – – – –
* The Zen of Channeling: Kris and The Mystics – channeled by Serge J. Grandbois, Session 3.

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