At One And The Same Time

Inconceivably One and Different From God

An Indian philosopher has put forward the idea that, at the transcendental level, it is possible – albeit inconceivable – to be two seemingly contradictory things at the same time.

Achintya bheda abheda tattva” is the Sanskrit phrase attributed to Sri Krsna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

I would like to express big gratitude for this principle.

This perspective has been such a help in my daily understanding of life. Before this, unanswerable questions often arose about the seemingly contradictory aspects of my experience. The conflicting dualities were endless and pursuing these kinds of questions led nowhere.

It is so much easier to happily and comfortably engage daily experiences understanding this idea. A person can be, and not be, making sense… or whatever. A situation can be, and not be, what it seems… the instances are endless… It opens things up.

The key concept in this revelation is the idea of ‘inconceivably’. In a funny way, this relieves me of the need to try to understand any of this, other than to realize it and perceive it. No need for any other form of mentalization.

So wonderful to discover a practical platform, a new perspective, a friend even, who is beyond the mind and has wonderful things to share.

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