Just A Little Step To The Side


A Little Side-Step – Between Probabilities

Thought I would share an interesting and a bit freaky experience we have been having lately. (I sometimes use the ‘royal we’ because there are so darn many aspects of me that we have to be at least plural!)

But here’s the thing, based on ideas from Kris (and Seth, Elias, Bashar and etc, to be honest), I have been side-stepping what might have normally been probable outcomes in my perceived reality by energetically ‘stepping to the side’ for a moment.


By this I mean that when I notice that some event has occurred, like biting my cheek in the most recent incident, instead of allowing the usual process of having a sore cheek for several days, I stepped to the side, as it were, in my conscious awareness, and allowed that stream of probabilities to flow on by.

Then I stepped back into my everyday experience with the understanding that choices had been made that changed the way things normally worked out. We shall see, but it feels good right now and that may be the main thing.

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