Not Just Farting And Tap Dancing Anymore

The Zen Of Channeling


The new Zen of Channeling seminar presented by Kris via Serge Grandbois is very good… Some great perspectives on various kinds of channeling… and Kris suggested we ‘pretend’ that we are in touch with our Speaker aspect and what would that be like…

Here’s a funny thing… as I was playing over several days with this idea, and sifting through a lot of stuff, of course… just now on the back deck I had a sort of vision or trial-run of myself as – wait for it – a channeling comedian! and also as a singer… (having just read in Srimad Bhagavatam [1:7:27] some amazing stuff about invoking the brahmastra weapon by singing Vedic hymns).

These personality aspects are at one and the same time, firmly a part of my present life (as a genial, jokey guy and a daily, somewhat melodious chanter), at the same time these possibilities represent something new and a bit scary. (note to self: what more evidence do we need here?)

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