Fry: I’ll Allow it… For Now!


So great to find this image because it sums up the message I want to share so perfectly…

All we really have to do to release ourselves from the three-fold miseries is to adopt this attitude about everything that is happening to us in the present moment… We allow it… we accept it… in fact, we surrender to it in a way…

It is acceptable… it is okay with us… but only for THIS moment in time… only for NOW!

The reason we are stressing this is that by whole-heartedly accepting this now, we suddenly become aware of how we can make changes to perhaps suit us better. These options remain invisible to us as long as we are rejecting or resisting the now in any way.

Only by total acceptance of what is, do we qualify for the opportunity to begin to consider practical alternatives.

One thought on “Fry: I’ll Allow it… For Now!

  1. And the big point here is that, given the now, what choice do we have but to accept it? Resisting our current experience of the now would be like pretending not to notice that someone farted. (oops… I guess we all do that, don’t we…)


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