Egg and Chips – An Early Johnny Danger Story

Johnny Danger: Egg and Chips

Sid’s Café
Observation Lounge
Spacious Present

Sohars was just settling into his lunch in the Observation Lounge of Sid’s Café – a luscious big goose’s egg with some double-fried chips – a treat he came to enjoy during an otherwise rather short and intense focus as a street urchin in Victorian England. He especially relished shaking lots of sea-salt over everything!

He was thus enthusiastically using his table to eat and was surprised when it lit up with a special bulletin, just for him. Projected in the air above his table, and scrambled somewhat by his luncheon acoutrement, was a crystal-clear little diorama starring the improbable Johnny Danger. Let me explain what I mean by improbable. Johnny Danger was a physical focus of Sohar’s own Source Entity! [Who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent and because entities don’t take names.]

It is extremely rare for an Entity to project itself into physical focus without an intervening Essence (such as Sohars himself) – but, there being no absolutes, it was possible. [Apparently, it is challenging for an entity to ‘step down’ it’s vast awarenesses into the pinpoint, singular focus required for physical manifestation. Inevitably, a lot of important stuff gets lost or compromised along the way.] Sohars had attempted to point this out to his Source, but got nowhere. [One can, obviously, only make suggestions to one’s Source. They go their own way.]

Consequently, a focus of Sohar’s own Source Entity, name of Johnny Danger, was on the loose on the Earth plane, somewhere early in the 21st century – when they were well into their famous ‘Shift’. Johnny, like any physical focus, incorporates ALL of his source – Entity-level awareness in this case! Consequently, he was, to Sohars, both a kind of demented step-child AND a revered parent – a trifle confusing.

Sohars could see from the display hovering above his lunch that Johnny was looking at his insertion paperwork – Standard Release Form for All Physical Dimensions – which should have been destroyed immediately upon entry! But Entity/Johnny had focused SO tightly that he had ‘overshot’. He had made a ‘hard landing’ and had no recall of himself as Entity! He was totally submerged in the ‘pseudo-psyche’ identity he had constructed for himself – that of a middle-aged, ‘New-age’, male in the coaching business.

Not sports coaching – he was a ‘Life Coach’, or a ‘Performance Coach’, depending on the audience. Basically he was a counselor or therapist who gets into your corner and roots for you to have a better life. An occupation clearly invented recently! [You might be hard pressed, I’m thinking, to sell much ‘performance coaching’ in Missouri. {EFT might work though, even in Missouri!}]

AerySpace Lofts
Downtown Toronto
06/06/06 – 12:34 PM

Johnny rolled over and adjusted the pillows behind his head. He had always enjoyed reading in bed and could vary his posture for hours and not get cramped or tired. It was all in how you arranged yourself amongst the comforter and pillows. It was noon but he felt no need to rush into anything. “I’m decompressing”, he told himself as he stretched again luxuriously. Besides, this document he was looking at was weird. It was the one he had picked up on the plane.

As we watch the scene Johnny is scanning a small card called Terms and Conditions but it has been laid out to look like a warning label – all red and black with big square type.

Mid-Cycle Insertion – Terms and Conditions

All Mid-Cycle Insertions cope with some incompatibility. The body chosen is the closest match that can be found for the consciousness being inserted. Of course, no physically focused consciousness could dream of incorporating the full glories of Essence, [hint of sarcasm] but considerations of optimal time and place also limit options. [iow – What you’ve got is the best we could do – live with it! It’s temporary!]

Also, regardless of what you may choose to believe at any particular time, you, and you alone create every molecule and aspect of your reality, in this physical dimension as well as anywhere else you might want to focus your attention. So put to rest any hope of refunds, exchanges, or redemption of any kind. If you take a moment to look around, you will notice… ‘What you get is always exactly what YOU created!’

In the instant he reads the last words the card disintegrates into a puff of pink smoke with the sound of paper being crinkled. With a start he looks at his thumb and fingers but not a trace remains.

“Must be some kind of promotional trickery!”, Johnny mutters as he rolls out of bed and sits up, a bit groggy.

“Well done though!”, he smiles to himself as he pads into the bathroom for a quick pee.

“How about some eggs for lunch?”, he muses as he turns on the shower, “About 6 eggs with lots of pepper and maybe some home-fries with a little too much sea salt. Mmmm!”

Saturday, October 7, 2006

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