Daily News: Fossil Fuel Burn-Off Will Submerge U.S. Cities


Our outer world is a metaphorical expression of our inner world.

Okay so what will happen when coastal cities are submerged? And what is the symbolic or metaphorical meaning of this threat?

I just discovered that we are about 100 meters above sea level here in Toronto. This will help us with the submerging part but there may be other consequences – like millions of coastal people moving inland and needing support. A fairly dramatic scenario all round.

What if this is just a warning though? If we look at the metaphorical meaning of this projection it may help us to head the physical manifestation off at the pass.

Symbolically water is often an expression of consciousness, so maybe we are experiencing a ‘flood’ of consciousness that has been ‘frozen’ for a long time. If this is meaningful for us, then maybe we can learn to accept this new flow of consciousness about who we are and how the world work in stride and not be overwhelmed by it.


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