New Fun With Old Habits


A visit to my local Belief Imaging facility.

Being an older gent I have a fair amount of acreage to look back on and it can be very interesting to see how we change over time – or don’t!

This whole idea of changes was brought home to me lately because, after decades of subsistence living I have inherited a modest boon thanks to my wise, kind and business-savvy father (thanks Pop!)

This has occasioned changes in my everyday life. For instance a friend asked some time ago for a piece of Kleenex and when I presented the toilet paper I have always used for such things, he said very kindly, “Oh, you’re on a roll are you?” and the next time he visited he brought his own box of tissues!

Needless to say every room in the apartment now has a box of tissues and it turns out they are quite handy! (and cheap… $4.99/6 boxes)

Throwing caution to the winds, I got new tea towels to replace the still serviceable but stained and maybe a bit stinky ones we have been using for so long –  and fresh sponges and abrasive pads for dishwashing, along with whole new bars of fragrant soap in the kitchen and bathroom instead of multicolour slivers left over from the shower. (< $20)

The crowning glory came last week when I got a haircut – a store-bought, retail haircut. For decades I have cut my own hair with electric clippers, and got to be pretty good at it, but having someone else cut your hair is a treat! Plus he got a lot closer around the ears and at the back. ($25 with tip)

The last change is one that we don’t need to delve into too deeply. This one is thanks to my dear well-wisher, Srila Prabhupada, who felt that toilet paper was an abomination of western culture – after all it means that everybody feels quite justified in walking around with… well, as I said we don’t need to delve into that. The point being that there are alternatives. (flushable moist wipes – $2.69/40 sheets)

These changes are all good and it makes me wonder if there are other small, inexpensive change we can make that are that much better. What other habits and conditioning have we acquired over the decades that can now be released?

As you can see, these changes are costing almost nothing… the real difference is in the vision of the life I want to have, and the feeling that this life is available for me here and now.

I wish there was a Belief-Imaging Facility nearby where I could go and get scanned to show all the old limiting beliefs that could now be acknowledge and released because of the changes… Ah, the changes!

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