You’re an amazing being

imageSat-Chit-Ananda Vigraha – Embodiment of Eternal Knowledge and Bliss

This may seem to be getting a bit basic, but the idea here is that we simply do not know how not to exist. (Can you ever think of a time when you didn’t exist? Have you ever tried to turn off your mind?)

Remembering an Elias session, or was it Seth… anyway the channel Source spoke like this, “(slapping the channel’s leg) “You exist! We have established that you exist!”

This same self-evident truth applies to knowledge. We cannot know nothing just as we cannot not be. It takes knowledge and vigilance to even try to not know something. When we get used to the idea that we inherently know stuff, it starts to expand exponentially and it turns out that, intrinsically, we know everything!

Our automatic reaction to understanding these things is happiness! What’s not to like? We are eternal. We know everything! And creating amazing stuff is our job! These are happy things to realize! (never mind experiencing them…)

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