Effortless And Joyful


Effortless and Joyful

We all have impatient thoughts about some of our experiences in daily life.

We lost the car keys and we’re in a mad hurry,
we cut our finger making dinner for friends,
the traffic on the way to work is even more ridiculous than usual making us late,
it’s raining cats and dogs on our BBQ party…
(You get the picture, insert your own horror story here.)

Understanding who we are and how these experiences are created, helps us to understand and work with a wider perspective. We are spirit soul, part and parcel of All-That-Is and consequently we have extraordinary powers (and very opulent parentage :).

We actually form the realities we experience in a very real and concrete way, in concert with a host of other spirit souls all doing the same thing, creating their own experience of reality. This means that ANYthing we perceive with our five material senses is of our own creation. It is not too much to say that what we experience is an extension of ourselves… of our inner beliefs, expectations and considerations about who we are and how the world works.

A wise person once remarked that all we ever experience is ourSelves. I would add the idea that ultimately we may develop the qualifications to experience something more. But since Self is always more than the sum of its parts, we are already doing that to some degree – eh?

Here is the kicker though. When we object to something we are experiencing, we are actually objecting to ourSelves because we created it. This would not be an issue except that something very signifiant happens when we object to ourSelves – we can’t see the options we have provided to drop a limitation and make it all over into something we want. 

If we are focused on what we don’t want in the present situation, particularly if it is emotional or attitudinal, we create a dense cloud of resistance that makes it impossible for us to see the bigger picture and make helpful changes in our course. Not good, because this kind of course correction is very helpful in steering us towards desired outcomes.

To summarize, if we are resisting the present moment in any way, we are resisting ourSelves and blocking our awareness of multiple options that are ready and waiting to fulfill our desires.

Conversely when we are aligned with who we really are – our whole Self – and consequently aligned with All-That-Is, creating what we want is as it is meant to be – effortless and joyful.

One thought on “Effortless And Joyful

  1. Just a quick comment… Allowing the present moment to be what it is – acceptable – doesn’t mean that we agree with it or want it to continue.

    It only means that, for this present moment, it is acceptable (what choice do we have?). Maybe we’re holding our nose a little bit to do this, but even this much acceptance is enough to settle the fog of resistance so we can see better options.


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