What if you already know everything?


Imagine for a moment that you know everything as part of your essential nature and being. In fact everybody and everything knows everything. It has been said that the entire history and architecture of the Universe is within the DNA of every living thing. We are the truth made flesh and we cannot escape this heritage.

So where does this idea come from – that maybe we already know everything? This series of posts is based on the Vedic concept that we are all actually Spirit Soul – in our most fundamental aspect – with these qualities: we are eternal, we are all knowing, and we are blissful. (sat, chit, ananda)

We talked in an earlier post about being eternal (sat). But what if we also actually know everything? (chit)

This would mean that any apparent lack of knowledge is an illusion we have created for ourselves. If we know everything then being ignorant of something, or uninformed, would require some careful positioning of ideas, and this is an edifice that probably needs constant revision and attention.

If we already know everything as part of our essential nature, this means that acquiring knowledge, or getting a new understanding, is more about releasing limiting ideas about ourselves and accepting what is available, rather than seeking out something that we are missing, or believe is outside of ourselves.

So next time you feel like you don’t know something, or don’t understand, try just relaxing and allowing what you do know to flow unimpeded. Maybe you know more than you know!

The image is a Persian mosaic I believe, that I grabbed somewhere on the net. (Google should have an image search where you input an image and it searches for the source.)

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