What If We Are Actually Eternal?


Without Beginning or End

Conventional wisdom in our culture has told us that we are our bodies, and when the body dies that’s the end of us too. This understanding is changing very rapidly lately.

It turns out that all those old religions were right – we are essentially not physical at all, but a kind of energy called consciousness that is eternal. We can’t stop our being or our consciousness.

So how does this understanding change our daily lives here in the practical, physical world?

We can only speak from experience here, but I don’t sweat red lights like I used to. Somehow, for an eternal being, a 30 second red light is not such a big deal.

There are other changes. I am not nearly so concerned about getting everything right and being perceived as being okay and in control. I don’t, in fact, get everything right. Even after multiple attempts (blush). But being eternal means this doesn’t matter – there is time.

And I am certainly not ‘in control’ except in the most superficial and mundane ways – and even there things run amuck regularly. Control turns out to be about cooperation and acceptance.

The amazing thing is that everybody else is eternal too and this means we are all creating this together and it is a work in progress… endless, eternal progress!

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